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Thank you for considering a holiday lawn display from Langelier Designs

To answer some questions you might have....

"What do I have to do to protect them"?
Your figures are ready to display and brave the elements.
They will be fine in the sun, rain and snow.
In the years to come you may wish to "freshen" the finish with a topcoat.
We don't recommend using polyurethane as this will cause the finish to "yellow"
We have found an aerosol spray that works well to cover any blemishes
and will match the original finish.

Found at most home centers.

"How do I stand them up"?
A pedestal base is included for each figure (see below)
It is threaded onto the pipe which is attached to the back of each piece.
Push or hammer the metal rebar rod (included) until it is
inserted halfway into the ground.
You then place the figure with the base attached, over the metal rebar rod,
with the rod sliding thru the base and into the pipe.
This is usually sufficient to stabilize each piece under average weather conditions.
If you have extreme winds or plan to display on a porch, we suggest guy wires,
sand bags or concrete blocks placed on the base behind the figure.

"How well do the colors last"?
We use paint and inks which are resistant to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.
Some colors will change with time, but should not be discernible.

"What if I need to clean them"?
Bird droppings, mud spatters and general handling can be cleaned with damp cloth,
sponge or paper towels. You can use window cleaner,
Formula 409 glass and surface cleaner works great for stubborn spots.
We don't suggest using an abrasive cleaner.

Not nice to think about in this season of love, but you might have to prepare.
The guy wires help as does the rebar rod. Some owners have used chain or dog leash anchors.
If you have solutions, do let us know.

How to store them "till next year"?
Wipe dry with a soft cloth, remove the bases (a bit of oil on the threads would be a good idea)
Store the figures in a dry location, upright if possible in their original shipping cartons.


This is a view from the back of one of our displays
including the pedestal base.

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