How our products are made

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Wood used to make lawn display figures
This is a skid of the water-resistent wood that we use to make our displays.

We don't use plywood!
We don't use MDF!
 We don't use particle board!
  We don't use sign board!

We use a special type of manufactured wood that is made for outdoor use.
You cannot purchase this wood from your local Home Depot or Lowe's!
It costs us 2-3 times more compared to the wood
that some people use to make their own lawn displays.

But we know that it is worth it!

cut out by hand
The wood is cut out by hand using templates,
then the edges are rounded for a better appearance, paint adhesion and longer life.

Then it is sent to our spray room for a coat of wood sealer.
First the front is sprayed, the next day we spray the back also.

 Matthew Langelier in wood shop sanding wood display lawn ornimate
After a good sanding on both sides, they go back to the spray room
for a coat of black, marine grade paint.

 Matthew Langelier in wood shop sanding wood display lawn ornimate
Here it gets a coat of the black enamel paint, which is the base for our artwork.
We give it another day to dry and after another light hand sanding
it is then sent to our art department.



Update 02/22/2020

We are in the process of changing over to digitaly printing the artwork.
Stay tuned


protective top coat
Each piece is then sent back to the spray room where it receives a protective top coating.

John and Matt Langelier in the sprayroom
Then the support pole is attached to the back of each piece
and it is once again sent to the spray room for the back to be painted black.

Boxed for shipping
After one more inspection it is ready to be boxed and secured for shipping.

We keep our products in stock most times of the year
Unlike other companies- who only "make them to order"
We have our products in stock and ready to ship for the upcoming holiday.

Handmade in the USA

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