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Our products are designed to be displayed outdoors.
The amount of weathering that will occur depends on your environment.
We have been had customers approach us after 13 years and state that they still look like new.

Some suggestions:
Night time lighting usually works best when the lights are placed off to the sides,
rather then directly in front.

Touch up the ground area around the figures with some straw or greens.

Wind is the only thing that we can’t control and is something that you need to address
if you experience high winds.
  Sandbags or concrete blocks/Bricks placed on the backs of the square bases will help.
Some people will use guy wire for high wind situations.

For people that have snow and ice, please use care when removing display after the season is over.
If the the bases are frozen in the ground, they will break if you try to remove them without thorough thawing.

Store the figures in a dry location, upright if possible in their original shipping cartons.
Before storage after the holiday season we would recommend that you apply a light coating
of oil to the threaded portion of the threads on the pipe.

Also see Product Care

Our family is committed to providing customers with the
highest standards in quality.
The materials we use are specifically engineered to last
and give you many years of enjoyment.
Your happiness and satisfaction with our beautifully hand-detailed displays are
guaranteed. If you aren't absolutely delighted with our handcrafted figures
please refer to our return policy.


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If the time finally come when you need some new bases, contact me please.



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Shipping Policy:

  We ship UPS ground shipping    
only inside the continental United States.


Return Policy:
We have a 14 day “No Hassle” return policy.
Please open and inspect your figures to assure they weren't damaged in shipping.
Then you will have time to decide where you will store them for the next decade or so.

Your happiness with our products is important.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us as within 14 days!
You can call us at (610) 659-8859 or send an e-mail to:

Because of the seasonal nature of our product, please make all claims
within two weeks of receipt of goods to arrange return or replacement.
For your protection, returned packages must be insured for the value of
your merchandise.
Repack items carefully in the original packing materials.



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