Your Nativity Pictures

We love to see your pictures of our lawn display products!
Send us your photos of your lawn display.
No matter if they are inside or outside.
We would enjoy displaying them here for all to see.


From the Mathena Family


From the Coleman family from Michigan


oak haven

From Oak Haven Resort , Tennessee



West Lebanon Congregational Church, NH


Celebration Baptist Church in Macclenny, Florida



From the Schmidtzensky Family in Texas
" Here is our picture. We have enjoyed these for some years. Thank you so much"

From the Bohman Family in California
"Your Nativity scene is the BEST.  Here is a picture of ours"


From the Wilkerson Family in Alabama
"We ordered our Nativity set 4 years ago, It still looks so good and shows no signs of wear.
This is in front of our little country store"

From the Walsh Family in California
"Once again, your artwork was a hit in my neighborhood"


From the Wagner Family in Iowa
Video is 2:24
The Nativity is shown in the last 30 seconds.


From the Hickory United Methodist Church in Virginia

From the Hernandifu family in Northern California

From the Clark family

From the Cayce United Methodist Church in South Carolina.

From the Schultheiss family in Maryland.
"I had many cars stopping and looking."
(dog not included)


From the Blake family Colorado.
"Now we want a set of 14 for a Nativity display in the yard.
Many Thanks for a quality product


From Les and Barb


From the Dewitt family.
"We've had our nativity up for a couple of weeks & finally got a chance
to take a picture to send to you.
   Thank so much!    We love it!



From the Wagner family Iowa.
"People come to our door to thank us for the display.
Couples holding hands, just standing in front of it at night.
It has made for a very fun Christmas season."


These pictures were sent to us from the Ruhl family in Pennsylvania.


These pictures were sent to us from the Ruhl family in Pennsylvania.


From the Dingman family.
"I can't tell you how happy we continue to be with our purchase from you." 


The Tree Of Life Christian Ministries.
In Clinton, Maryland


From the Griffith family.


Snapshot from the movie
Beyond the Farthest Star



From the Mease family in Pennsylvania.
"I again must comment on the excellent workmanship."


From the Knowlton family in Florida.
"It is so beautiful. 
I'm so glad I came across your web site when I was looking for a Nativity scene.
I know I will enjoy it for many years to come."


From the Stanford family.
"Thanks again for my lovely set. I Love it!! 
The good Lord would be proud of how well you have captured the beauty of that moment."


From the Kirchman family in California
" Our first Christmas with the Nativity was wonderful!
 All of our neighbors and people passing by commented that it was a beautiful display.
  We look forward to enjoying it for years to come."


From the Spadora family in New Jersey
"They truly are lifelike with the spotlights at night"


From the Shepard family in Michigan


From the Boeding family in Iowa
""Thank you so much for such a great product. The colors are so vibrant!"


From the Veach family in Missouri
"We just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the Nativity set.
We look forward to adding more pieces to the Nativity set in the future."


This is from the Kissinger family in Colorado


From the Shivery family in Pennsylvania


From the Lance family in Pennsylvania
" We receive so many wonderful comments about our display"


From the Mitchell family in Texas
"This year, for the first time I have put out an actual lawn display rather than just the normal lights. 
We think that it looks great, and although this is  just a small, closed community,
we have received many compliments on the nativity scene. 
Thank you for this beautiful addition to our Christmas season"


From the Palmisano family in Illinois.
"See how beautiful it looks!
We will now sit back and wait for all the compliments!"


From the McLaren family in Ontario


From Mike in Pennsylvania


This is from P. L. in Pennsylvania.



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Langelier Designs
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463 N. Mill Rd
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Send your pictures!




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