Your Caroler Pictures


We love to see your pictures of our lawn display products!
Send us your photos of your lawn display.
No matter if they are inside or outside.
We would enjoy displaying them here for all to see.

From the Csop Family

From the Verstegen family
"I have owned my Victorian carolers for over 10 years and they are just as nice today as they were when I first got them."

Oak Haven

From Oak Haven Resort , Tennessee



From the Turk family


From the Magilton family, Yonkers New York

From the Collier Family in Maryland
"Followed your advice and lit them from the side this year
We even used it on our Christmas Card"
Note from Langelier Designs- These are our 3/4 size figures and are no longer made, possibly in the future.

From the DeMotte Family

From the Fitzsimmons Family in New Jersey

From the Hocker Family
" We had sooooooo many people stop and say how beautiful our home looked"

From the Walsh Family in California
" It certainly brightens everyone's spirits and makes me very happy!"

"how great your Carolers look decorating our 1893 Dutch Colonial in New York"

From the Walsh family in Michigan.
A US soldier in the late 1960's near Frankfurt
"I ended up pulling Guard Duty that particular Christmas Eve"
"From out of the darkness two little children brought me some hot coffee and Christmas cookies"
"Nicest Christmas gift ever

From the Sorbera family in New York.
"Here’s a picture of how wonderful your carolers look at our house"


From the Trimmer family in South Carolina.
"We have received many compliments."

From the Sershen family in South Dakota.

From the Gaither family in Pennsylvania.

From the Rosemount Museum in Colorado.
"They added a festive and Victorian touch to our Museum"

From the Golf North community in North Carolina.
"They are displayed at our front entrance facing the main road
and have been enjoyed not only by everyone living in Golf North, but all those who pass by.
  We have had many compliments on the display


From the Meza family in California.
"They have brought me much joy...and have even stopped traffic here on our street!
I have been told by my neighbors here that our home has been tastefully decorated for Christmas this year!
I just LOVE my carolers! Thank you and God Bless you

From the Anderton's/Kuzma's in Tennessee.


From the Imperio family in New York.


From the Spadora family in New Jersey.
"They will bring joy to our family and passersby for many years to come!"

From the James family in Virginia.
"We put our carolers out this weekend and it snowed tonight.
This is our third season with the Carolers and they look just like the day they arrived!


From the Boeding family in Iowa.
"The scene is breathtaking. I just can't look out my office window enough"


From the Walsh family.
"You have made so many people in my neighborhood happy - they keep
bringing others over to see your work

From Dennis and John in Pennsylvania.
"We no sooner begun putting up the Carolers and traffic was stopping in front of our home
to look and honk their horn with approval"


From the Marshall family in Pennsylvania.
"Love my Carolers!!!!!!   They are a Holiday hit in our neighborhood"


From the Shivery family in Pennsylvania.


From the Lance family in Pennsylvania.
"And the fact that we have beautiful music, to go with it, makes every thing really special!"


From the Mills family in Virginia.

From the Lewis family in Tennessee.
"I have enjoyed my Carolers for several years now.
I especially like the attention to detail in the painting"


From the James family in Virginia.
"We love them. When we put them up this morning,
two neighbors came out and said've raised the bar so high this year!
Thank all for you for making such a great product."

From the James family in Virginia.


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