Please open and inspect your figures to assure there was no damage in shipping.

Assembly Instructions
Place the black rectangular base on a hard surface.
Holding the figure upright – thread the bottom of the pipe
(which is permanently attached to the back of your figure)
into the flange on the base.

To display outdoors on a soft surface
Hammer the enclosed solid rod about a foot into the lawn.
Place the figure with attached base over the inserted rod.

To display outdoors on a hard surface
High wind is one thing that we can’t control and you need to address .
Sandbags or concrete blocks/bricks placed on the back of the bases will help.
Some people use guy wire threaded through the pipe for high wind situations.

Some suggestions
We would strongly recommend putting (some) oil or Vaseline on the metal pipe threads to prevent the metal from rusting.

Night time lighting usually works best when the lights are placed
off to the sides, rather then directly in front.

Ground area around the figures could be enhanced with some straw or greens.

For those who have snow and ice
Please use care when removing the display after season is over.
If frozen in place, they may break if you remove without first thoroughly thawing.

Allow to dry completely before storage in a damp free area.

The amount of weathering that will occur depends on your environment.
A very light spray with Deft Clear Wood 'satin' Finish aerosol
will renew the final clear topcoat, if needed after a number of years in the elements.

Thank you and enjoy!

The Langelier Family